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AlchemyHR is a full-service HR consulting firm specializing in fractional, project-based, and retainer-based solutions for emerging, small, and medium-sized businesses.


Our powers range from Foundational to Transformational and encompass all things HR.  No client need is too large or too small, too simple or too complex.

Foundational HR Powers are designed to establish and maintain the essential HR framework, and cover matters such as handbook development, HR audits, recruiting training, and transition management (which provides fractional HR leadership during times of transition such as maternity leave, unexpected HR attrition, and rapid growth).  Our Ask-the-Alchemist™ Service is a perfect way to add bench strength and expertise to the HR function.

Transformational HR Powers help fortify organizational effectiveness and provide guidance during times of change.  They include matters such as performance management programs, culture tune-ups, M&A guidance/support, and the development of strategic HR initiatives.


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Kimberley Tipps Wallace

Chief Alchemist

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Lisa Kondikoff, SPHR

Senior Alchemist

Kimberley Tipps Wallace is a professional with 30+ years of experience in not only the field of HR, but also operations, technology, and sales/marketing. Her diversified business acumen yields a unique and business-minded approach to HR Consulting.  This diversity sets her apart from others in her field.

Since 1988, Kimberley has held leadership roles within organizations both large and small.  Her overall responsibilities have been broad, yet all encompassed accountability for “people”.


In 2001, Kimberley founded her first HR consulting practice, KatydidHR, which focused on supporting companies ranging from emerging (startups) to middle market (up to 500 employees).  Kimberley recognized that these businesses were starving for HR guidance, yet were limited to only vendors providing “premium” (expensive!) HR services; advice that was “canned” and overkill for what these small businesses needed or desired. 


In 2017, Kimberley rebranded her consulting practice, desiring a Company name that was both intentional and meaningful.  She accomplished this by launching AlchemyHR.  The word Alchemy is defined as “a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way” – which is precisely what Kimberley has been doing for companies for the past 30 years.


Kimberley’s experience spans the following industries: advertising, oil & gas, energy, direct mail, engineering, call center, retail, staffing/recruiting, commercial property management, multi-family property management, professional services, municipalities, manufacturing, luxury relocation, electrical and plumbing services, trucking, warehousing, non-profit, telecom,  and technology/software development.


Kimberley attended Texas Tech University and is a member of SHRM, DallasHR, and Fort WorthHR.  Recognizing the importance of giving back, she remains an active Board member and volunteer with Wesley-Rankin Community Center (providing essential resources and education to the West Dallas community) and The Beautiful Lives Project (assisting adults and children with disabilities).  Kimberley resides in Far North Dallas with her husband and daughter, and is actively involved with her community, church and  daughter’s school.

Lisa Kondikoff is a compliance professional with unique strengths in translating human resources management and employment law into bottom-line results.  Lisa strives to help business leaders surpass organizational and cultural goals while focusing on assessing the organization’s current state and guiding the team to compliance conclusions. 


Lisa is a successful subject matter expert with 30 years of experience in compliance, investigations, employee relations, legal operations, and human resources in both union and non-union, multi-facility environments.  She has a client-focused leadership style that has helped her produce outstanding results in all positions held.


Lisa’s effective leadership style is geared towards the mentoring and guidance of peers, subordinates, and clients/customers in all areas of employee relations. She has served as a mentor to corporate and business unit HR leadership, as well as manufacturing plant HR and operations employees to navigate through employee relations issues while developing their skills and helping them achieve their career goals.


Others have described Lisa as a fair-minded, open, direct, fact-based communicator. She strives to demonstrate effective problem-solving, active listening, a positive outlook, and an appropriate personalized approach, particularly in the face of adversity.  She believes in empathy and compassion in handling employee relations issues guided by the necessary balance between business needs and legal imperatives.  She endeavors to present legal business cases for a decision or recommendation with strength and confidence in the face of opposition. 

Lisa's experience spans the following industries: manufacturing, oil & gas, energy, engineering, call center,  commercial property management, multi-family property management, professional services, manufacturing, electrical and plumbing services, trucking, warehousing, and technology/software development.


Lisa lives with her family in Dallas. She attended Southern Methodist University and has held her SPHR certification since 1999.  Lisa is a member of SHRM, DallasHR and Fort WorthHR. Her interests include travel, cooking, entertaining friends and family, community involvement and volunteerism, and being present in the lives of her husband and 3 adult children.  

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