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Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Woman on phone supporting clients with HR issues

We all know that HR is rarely black and white, and that’s because we're dealing with human beings. That’s what makes working in HR fun, right? Yes, there are specific rules, regulations, and guidelines, but most HR professionals find themselves in that elusive “gray” area at some point in time. It is helpful and often necessary to utilize the wisdom, experience, and expertise of seasoned HR professionals.

When clients encounter the “gray area”, there’s nothing better than being able to provide a thorough, effective, and quick (usually) solution. That’s why we created the Ask-the-Alchemist service years ago.

What is Ask-the-Alchemist? It’s a service offered by our team at AlchemyHR whereby we provide HR expertise on an as-needed basis. It provides peace of mind knowing that HR help is a quick phone call or email away.

Our Ask-the-Alchemist service is often used by executives, business owners, and in-house HR professionals who sleep easier at night by having ready access to HR veterans. Clients use it as both a sounding board and to help navigate tricky HR issues. Many call it a “safety net”.

We take the complication out of finding an HR solution by putting our 70+ years of collective HR leadership experience at your fingertips. And we make it easy with our pay-as-you-go method billed in 15-minute increments…so you can use it as much or as little as you need.

Learn more about Ask-the-Alchemist today!


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